What should I do because the day is already hot like this? Today (5th), the heat wave is still in effect throughout the southern inland.

Yesterday, the highest daytime temperature in Daegu rose to 35.3 degrees Celsius, and Gumi recorded 34.2 degrees Celsius. Today, the heat wave will continue as it rises to 35 degrees in Daegu and 34 degrees in Gumi.

When you go to work early in the morning, there are places where there is heavy fog on the coast and inland areas.

In particular, you should pay special attention to traffic safety when driving the area adjacent to the west coast.

Also, please note that the concentration of fine dust may increase due to the effect of yellow dust everywhere until this morning.

Today, the whole country will look mostly sunny, but in the south and Jeju, there will be a lot of clouds from the day, and you should be careful of flooding around the southern coast.

This morning, Seoul will start at 18 degrees and Daegu at 21 degrees. As daytime temperatures rise nationwide, Seoul is expected to rise to 27 degrees, Daegu to 35 degrees, Daejeon and Jeonju 31 degrees, and Busan to 26 degrees.

The days will get hotter, and on Memorial Day, there are news of showers all over the interior.

(Jeon So Young Weather Caster)