Mask or screen; mask and screen, even; purple gloves, social distance; smell of bleach, elbow greetings. New normal, please. If someone has not seen himself as the protagonist of a chapter of Black Mirror at this point, it is that he has lived confined in his house without seeing anyone ... or that he does not have Netflix , come on. In the last three months, life has been turned around and science fiction is " live now, everywhere ".

With this panorama, the networks offer a good mirror in which to look at oneself. The proverb says it: bad for many, consolation for fools. But consolation, after all. So when in the midst of the pandemic maelstrom we see the possibility of taking THE PHOTO to feed an Instagram hungry for beach and foodism , there we go.

Surely not dare to confirm, there has been much circulation these days instagrammers seasoned in Madrid's Gran Via, searching without finding (sorry for the spoiler ) the new promo of Black Mirror of which become protagonists. But alas, the thing has a trick. How a class work became the viral of the week is the story of four students from the Brother creative school .

Class work with international repercussion

"Why don't we give people what they're really thinking?" They asked when they were commissioned to do an outdoor practice . They were planted in Gran Vía , they took a photo session while taking selfies in a couple of canopies and they were entrusted to Photoshop. Result: 38,400 retweets, 166,000 likes at this time. Resounding success.

"It has got out of control, it has gotten out of hand," Alberto Arribas , creative director of the campaign, together with Mercedes Mandrés , told the phone . The copywriting is the work of Tito Rocha and Ruben de Blas . "Our campaign has had an echo in the media in Mexico , England , Turkey , Poland ... People say that it is a shame not to be in Madrid to take pictures."

Of the note they do not know anything, but before the repercussion the thing is clear: "The teachers cannot tell us anything". What about Netflix? They just deny that the campaign is theirs. Just in case, and to avoid misunderstandings, the authors of the Black Mirror non-announcement are preparing a making of . To stop the circulation of instagrammers through the canopies of Madrid.

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