All the charges have been acknowledged by Yoo In-suk, a former glass holdings representative who was handed over to the court for alleged involvement in the prostitution of the singer Seung-ri, and prostitution related to the club'Burning Sun'.

At the first hearing held at the hearing of the 26th section of the Seoul Central District Court Criminal Agreement (Judge Kim Raney), the lawyer of the former representative said, "I will admit all the charges, and I will submit the opinions of the actual level of participation or reasons to take into consideration." Revealed.

The lawyer admitted that there was a legal review of the facts regarding the alleged embezzlement of Yu Holdings' funds, but added that he would reveal specific opinions in future trials.

CEO Jeon Yoo was handed over to the court for allegedly arranging sex trafficking to foreign investors in 2015-2016 with the victory of all members of the group Big Bang.

The alleged charge of paying with glass holdings whistle money while playing golf with Governor Yoon Gyu-geun, the'police chief', who is allegedly attached to the club Burning Sun, was also applied.

The arrest warrant was filed in May of last year when a police investigation was conducted against the former president, but was denied.

(Photo = Yonhap News)