“Dmitry Rogozin’s Twitter page for the CEO of Roscosmos Group of Companies has a large number of subscribers, so it was decided to use this to further promote and disseminate the news of the state corporation,” TASS reports.

Currently, this page, registered in May 2009, has 766.8 thousand readers.

TERRA TECH and GCS concluded a cooperation agreement - https://t.co/CrqKWXLrdt

The parties intend to develop solutions based on Earth remote sensing data and modern digital technologies, offering the market and consumers improved integrated products pic.twitter.com/LWvQ8SZniN

- State Corporation ROSKOSMOS (@Rogozin) June 3, 2020

Earlier, SpaceX founder Ilon Musk tweeted in Russian in response to Rogozin’s tweet with congratulations in English.