▲ A group trapped in a suitcase is taken to the hospital. Right yellow clothes stepmother

A woman in her 40s who was arrested for seven hours until she switched suitcases, was arrested and reached a point of death.

Judge Lee Min-young of Cheonan-jiwon, the Daejeon District Court, issued a warrant for the arrest of the stepmother B(43) of A(9)'s stepmother on charges of violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Child Abuse (Day 3).

Judge Lee explained the reason for issuing a warrant for arrest, saying, "The importance of the matter is recognized as the fear of destroying evidence and running away."

According to the Chungnam Police Agency investigating the case, Mr. B is accused of committing abuse in a residential bag in Cheonan, Seobuk-gu, on Thursday.

On the same day, around 9:00 PM, 119 paramedics who were dispatched to the scene by reporting Mr. B transferred A, who had been suspended, to the university hospital.

Group A, however, has not regained consciousness on the third day.

A police investigation found that Army A was trapped carrying luggage for more than seven hours.

Mr. B was originally found to have put group A into a suitcase 50 cm wide and 70 cm wide and then locked him in a 44 cm wide 60 cm wide bag.

A police official said, "It is the second bag found by Army A in a state of cessation (by 119)."

According to the analysis of the elevator closed-circuit (CC) TV, Mr. B also left the group A in the bag for about 3 hours.

Mr. B is known to admit a part of the crime and to make a claim that "it is about being disciplined to lie about breaking a game machine."

At the time of the incident, the police said that A's father was not home because of work.

Army A was injured in the hospital last month and was treated at the hospital.

Bruises and wounds were also found on group A's body.

Police are investigating the details of Mr. B's investigation.

(Photo = Yonhap News)