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A firefighter who rescued an unconscious driver in a car on the way to work last month is becoming a hot topic lately. Click> The first search term is'Vehicle Blocked Superman'.

This is a tunnel in Gimcheon-si, Gyeongbuk on the 19th of last month.

A light car is moving at will, ignoring the lane, and then someone is blocking the car and slowing it down.

This man was a firefighter at the 119 Rescue and Emergency Center of the Gimcheon Fire Department, who was on his way to work. This firefighter who was driving on the way to work noticed the driver unconscious while leaning his head against the window and hurried off the car and blocked the car with a naked body.

Other citizens in the surrounding area also helped to build the car and eventually knocked on the window to wake up the driver. The driver who recovered his consciousness could return home with his family without any injuries.

The netizens said, "It's cooler to stop the car with your body than Superman^^" It showed back reaction.

(Source: Gyeongbuk Fire Headquarters)