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man in his 30s, who was caught and assaulted by a woman, said that he would reflect in front of the reporters, but the police investigation reportedly denied the charges. Just before the man hit a woman at Seoul Station, a video of another man and woman struggling and beating them was also released.

Reporter Jang Hoon-kyung reports.


Bus stop in front of Seoul Station on the 26th of last month.

A man pushes a woman standing still, shoulder to shoulder, and when the woman looks at it, she threatens.

I push a man who came in the station strongly with my shoulder.

On the day of the crime, the suspect was shot on CCTV, and after about 10 minutes, Lee assaulted and fled the woman he met on the first floor of Seoul Station.

[Mr. Kim / Victim of Assault: He intentionally approached and severely bumped his shoulder and cursed OOO. I beg your pardon? After raising my voice, I waited and punched my cheekbones with a fist.]

Arrested at Sangdo-dong's home in Seoul yesterday evening, Mr. Lee was repeatedly arrested by the police and said that he wanted to rest.

[Mr. Lee Mo/Seoul Station'Don't ask for assault' accused: (Don't you reflect on it?) At

first, it was reported that a woman was reportedly assaulted because of insults. Was reportedly denied because it was not filmed on CCTV.

The police deemed it clear that Mr. Lee was assaulted by statements of victims and witnesses, and today filed for a warrant for arrest.

(Video coverage: Shin Dong-hwan, video editing: Won-hee Hwan) 

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