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woman in her 40s who was arrested for her nine-year-old stepchildren in a suitcase was arrested today (3rd). The child still hasn't been able to find consciousness, but the fact that the woman who had been imprisoned locked her up by changing the bag for more than 7 hours was confirmed.

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woman in her 40s, who had her stepchildren locked up in a suitcase and reached a state of arrest, went to court for a warrant review.

[Is that right? Do you admit the charges? You admit you were accused of abuse?]

Initially, the woman was reportedly imprisoned a 9-year-old Army in a travel bag for 3 hours, but police investigations confirmed that the bag was transferred once more and held for more than 7 hours.

The woman lied that Group A hadn't broken the game machine and put it in a suitcase 50 cm wide and 70 cm long.

When Group A saw the toilet in the bag, it was locked in a smaller bag, 44 cm wide and 60 cm long.

[Police officials: I lied about breaking the game machine and didn't crush it, so this started (assault).] According to the

elevator CCTV analysis, the woman went out for about 3 hours while holding group A in her bag.

Group A has been taken to the hospital, but has not recovered consciousness on the third day.

Old bruises and wounds on the feet, back, and hips of group A, and wounds that seem to be burned on the back of one thigh are also highly susceptible to assault.

The police are arresting the stepmother on charges of child abuse, etc., while investigating whether A's father participated in the abuse.

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