Facebook is going to rethink its policy around a controversial message from US President Donald Trump. That is what director Mark Zuckerberg said to employees of his company, reports The Verge based on internal audio recordings.

In the disputed report, Trump threatens to use violence against protestors in Minneapolis who took to the streets after the death of a black unarmed American by a white police officer. "When the looting starts, the shooting begins," the US President wrote.

Facebook has decided that the controversial message can remain open and exposed. In the audio recordings, Zuckerberg says he struggled with the dilemma of whether or not to leave the message visible, The Verge writes . But he indicated that Facebook would reconsider its policy. This could take several weeks.

Zuckerberg said in a public statement on his Facebook page on Friday that Trump's message did not go against Facebook's policy, "because holding people in positions of power accountable can only be done if their statements are publicly scrutinized."

Twitter policy leads to dissatisfaction with Trump

Facebook has therefore opted for a different approach than competitor Twitter. He shielded the threat because it goes against Twitter's policy to glorify violence. However, the tweet remains because of the social interest.

Facebook's position internally led to employee protests. Several on Monday expressed their dissatisfaction with the decision of their employer. Twitter's choice to shield Trump's message also led to dissatisfaction with the President of the United States. He threatens to repeal a law that protects social media.

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