Nine out of ten teachers in the Incheon area found that it is impossible to safely attend school at this stage.

As a result of surveying 1,917 teachers in kindergartens, elementary and junior high schools, and special schools in Incheon from the 28th of last month to yesterday (1st), the Incheon Branch of the National Teachers' Union said that 1,820, 94.9%, were unable to safely attend school at this stage. He said he answered.

As for the opening of high school, which is about to be admitted, the opinion that'should be stopped' was over 59%, but 39.4% responded that'we have to take it.'

76.3% of the current Ministry of Education's policy to postpone attending a specific area when a confirmed or suspected symptom occurs, cited the option of ``I'm anxious about when there will be a confirmed person'' as a problem.

There were many respondents who answered, ``I am confused and tired of the school site with memorandums and guidelines coming down from time to time,'' and ``I am angry with the education authorities that focus on passing instructions and carrying out responsibilities rather than supporting school classes and quarantine.''

There have been many opinions that for the time being, the remote class system should be maintained, but long-term measures for the admission process should be prepared.

When asked to choose a realistic alternative, about 62% of teachers said that'at least the first semester should maintain a remote class and prepare long-term measures such as admission schedule and screening'.

Based on this questionnaire, the Incheon Branch of Jeonjojojo will urge the education authorities to prepare measures to ease the evaluation, including revising classes for the first semester, delaying the entrance examination schedule, and reducing the life register.

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