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A company in China is inflicting an offense on inferior corporal punishment for a poor employee.

Recently, a video of a Chinese interior company punishing employees of an interior company in Guizhou is spreading.
A woman is holding a tissue placed by a living earthworm and then putting it in her mouth and swallowing it. This bizarre video was a punishment for the company's unsuccessful employees.

In fact, the company's penalties list shows relatively mild things like cleaning the toilet for 15 minutes, but it also states inhuman penalties like swallowing earthworms and swallowing loach.

If you don't want to eat earthworms, you can pay 500 yuan and a fine of about 86,000 won with our money, but you can buy breakfast for all the employees, but because this money is not enough, you will be punished for swallowing earthworms.

Increasingly, the company is investigating the case, saying that it would punish if there is a violation of the law, showing that it is natural for the company to receive incentives for good performance and punishment for bad performance.

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law is also a law, although it may be a part, but the level of consciousness of the executives is still a bit unpleasant, right? Please tell me the next news.

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inventory items of duty-free shops that have not been sold for a long time in Corona 19 will be sold at some duty-free online malls starting tomorrow (3rd).

This is the first time a stock duty-free product has been released to the market in a month after the Korea Customs Service temporarily allowed domestic sales of duty-free goods at the end of April.
The Korea Customs Service temporarily allowed domestic customs clearance sales until October 29 for long-term inventory that has not been sold for more than six months to support the duty-free industry, where sales have plummeted in the wake of Corona19.

The products to be sold are bags, wallets, and accessories of foreign luxury brands, and the selling price is determined by considering logistics costs, merchandising work costs, card fees, etc. in the cost including taxes such as customs clearance procedures.

It is expected to be sold at a discount of up to 50% compared to department store prices and up to 40% off duty-free prices.

In this domestic duty-free sales, the cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, and health foods with expiration date are excluded.

Offline sales are expected to begin by the end of the month.


I would like to go to the duty-free shop, but if you haven't been to Corona 19, I want you to take a look. What's next?

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winner of the first prize in the lottery, worth 4.8 billion won, is not appearing to be one year old.

According to the accompanying Lottery Lottery Lottery, the first winner of the 861th Lottery Lottery, which was drawn on June 1st of last year, has not yet won a prize of 4.87 billion won.

The expiration date of the lottery prize payment is one year from the date of the lottery, so if there is no winner until today, all prizes exceeding 4.8 billion won will be entered into the treasury.

Last month, the accompanying lottery also posted a notice on the website to ask for a prize, but the winner has not yet appeared.
The lottery ticket was said to have been sold at a lottery store in Cheongju, Chungbuk Province. The winner of the second round of the round has not yet visited the winning amount of 49.97 million won.

The second prize winner is said to have bought a lottery ticket in the Chungnam region.

There have been cases where the first prize won't go to the lottery. In the 4th round of the lottery in April 2011, 1 out of 6 winners did not receive 1.9 billion won.