On the 26th of last month, SBS secured a single CCTV that contained the suspect's appearance in connection with the'Do not ask Seoul station assault' case where a man who was waiting for a taxi at a Seoul station suffered serious injuries after striking a fist after a fertilization.

On the CCTV screen secured by SBS, the suspect is wearing a mask and running away in a hurry right after the crime.

The victim confirmed that the CCTV man must be the perpetrator.

Despite this, it was confirmed as a result of the SBS coverage that the special judicial police of the railway, which had not been able to identify the suspect for a week, did not even properly check the CCTV around the station containing the suspect's escape route.

SBS tracks the suspect's assault line at Seoul Station through the'Hot Blood Coverage' section, which will be released at the 8 o'clock news today, and reports on the spot whether there were any problems with the investigation.