Prosecutors seized and searched Hyundai Kia Motors' employee office to see if the prosecution investigators had leaked investigation information regarding suspicion of concealing engine defects.

The Seoul Central District Attorney Detective Division 1 captured the situation inside the prosecution's confidentiality at the time of the investigation of the concealment of engine defects by Hyundai and Kia last year, and sent investigative personnel to Mr. A's office in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, and related data such as PC hard disks. Secured.

The prosecution is known to have grasped the situation where the investigation information flowed to Mr. A in the process of investigating suspicion of concealing engine defects of Hyundai Motor Company and converted internal inspections into investigations of official secret leaks.

A prosecution official said, "It is not a seizure search for a company or a department, and it is difficult to confirm specific charges or contents."

The prosecution, despite knowing that there was a problem with the Theta 2 engine applied to major vehicles such as Grandeur, Sonata, and K5 in July of last year, hides it until an investigation by the authorities, and is charged with not taking any follow-up measures such as recall (violation of automobile management law) Former vice-president of quality, Chang-seop Bang, former head of quality, and Lee Mo-mo, head of quality strategy.