I went to a church meeting that was different from the Incheon Church a while ago. The infected patient in his 70s unfortunately lost his life. Health officials said 24 out of 35 additional confirmed cases a day were caused by such church depletion, and urged them to refrain from meeting in person.

Reporter Nam Joo-hyun.


81 cases from six groups have been reported since the last month of the corona19.

It is a collective infection that occurred in the Seoul metropolitan area except for one in Gumi, and no source of infection has been identified.

The largest number of confirmed church-related meetings, such as the Incheon Lantern Church, were found in the original language Bible study group.

[Kwak Jin / Director, Patient Management Team, Central Defense Response Headquarters: Confirmed on May 20, it was reported that he died during treatment on May 24. There are some

cases where the progress from the point of confirmation to death has progressed a little faster.] Health authorities were concerned about the spread of corona19 through the study group and the study group.

This is because, unlike the Itaewon Club or Coupang-related group infection, which had a large number of young and older adults, there were many high-risk elderly people, and the nature of the meeting prevented the wearing of masks.

In the epidemiological survey of Michuhol-gu, Incheon, a couple of pastors who were worshiping at home was confirmed in most places without a mask, and pastors who attended a church meeting on the evening of the 29th of last month confirmed that most of the pastors wore and took off the mask. That's it.

[Eunkyung Kyung/Disease Management Headquarters: Since we are intimate people, we believe that it would have been difficult to keep a mask or to keep these areas well.]

Health authorities refrain from face-to-face meetings, visits to multi-use facilities, and keep the distance and mask when inevitably gathered Wearing it, but repeatedly asked him to refrain from eating or singing.