Corona 19 caused most of the colleges to continue their online classes, which caused concern. Nearly 100 students who took an online exam at Inha University School of Medicine were found to have committed cheating.

Reporter Park Jae-hyun reports.

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is a notice that appeared in the social media chat room of Inha University medical students.

It says that a large number of students gathered for the online exams that they had to take alone, and that they were conducting their own investigations.

The students who cheated are medical school and first and second grades.

On the 12th of last month, the school caught and investigated the misconduct of the first and second graders, and it was revealed that they had cheated on the first and first grades through internal reports.

The university revealed that 50 of the 57 first graders and 41 of the 52 second graders committed cheating during the exam.

More than 80% of students in first and second grade.

[Inha University official: I think it was done in multiple choice. It's online. Basically, we notified the students before taking the exam. Do it on your own (because of ethics).

They shared the correct answer with SNS, and as many as 9 people gathered and tested together.

Most of the cheating participants were reported to have scored high.

The first year of basic medical science is a five-credit mid-term exam, and the second grade musculoskeletal and endocrine exams are included in the unit credit.

The faculty changed the order of problems in the subject or set a time limit per problem, but there was no monitoring device such as a video cam.

Inha University held a disciplinary committee to set the disciplinary level for cheating and final exams, he said.