Her mother died after the divorce, and the second daughter, who was a firefighter, died.

The father and eldest daughter of the firefighter who died sued such a mother for a large amount of support.

What happened between them?

According to today's (31st) lawyers in Jeonbuk, the incident originated from the extreme choice made by Mr. A's second daughter (at the time, 32 years old) who worked at a fire station in the metropolitan area in January last year.

He suffered severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression from the rescue process and left his family and colleagues.

In November last year, the Human Resources Innovation Office held the Compensation Committee for Civil Workers Disaster Compensation, and decided to pay the survivor's survivor's wages claimed by his father, Mr. A.

The problem has been raised since this time.

At the same time, the Government Employees Pension Service announced this decision to Mr. B, the 65-year-old mother.

Mr. B is said to have received about 80 million won by adding the survivor's salary and his second daughter's retirement allowance.

Until the death, I also received a survivor's salary of 910,000 won each month.

After learning this, Mr. A filed a domestic lawsuit against Namwon Support in Jeonju District Court in January, claiming a support charge worth KRW 190 million against his wife, Mr. B.

After the divorce in 1988, he claimed that it was unfair for a single mother who had never met a family and never visited her daughter's funeral to share survivors' benefits and severance pay.
Just like the legal dispute between old brother and older mother over the recently controversial singer Goo Hara's legacy, parents who have not fulfilled their parenting duties are not entitled to inheritance.

He said that he did not fulfill his parents' responsibilities, such as not providing any child support while raising his daughters.

In response, Mr. B submitted to the court a response stating that "there was no neglect of the children, and the ex-husband blocked contact and could not meet with the daughters."

He said that he deposited 10,000 won each month in the subscription book for several years for his daughters.

Mr. Kang Shin-moo, a lawyer representing Mr. A, said, "It is very unreasonable for parents who have no parenting obligations to be fully guaranteed the right to inherit their children's inheritance." I am in a lawsuit with a serious feeling. ”

The case is under trial and mediation at the Jeonju District Court's Namwon Jiwon 1st single hearing, and the sentence is expected to take place in July.