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Busan, a high school student was infected. But yesterday (29th), after leaving school in the morning and getting tested, I went to the PC room and confirmed that I had been there for 5 hours. Since it has been a long time, there are times when I haven't put on a mask, so it seems that the test will be bigger again.

Reporter Kang So-ra of KNN.


Pusan ​​No. 144 confirmed as an introspective high school 3rd grade group A and had symptoms after six days in school.

[School officials: City Hall came to investigate the epidemiology and turned the CCTV to turn students on (verified.)]

After attending school starting on the 3rd grade in high school on Wednesday, the first student confirmer appeared in Busan and closed like this.

Schools around the school will be decided based on whether there are additional confirmed persons.

Group A was confirmed to have gone to a PC room on the 29th after the test, on the 29th after the symptoms.

[Ahn Byung-sun / President of Health Policy, Busan City: Since I stayed for a long time, I sometimes didn't wear a mask during my stay… ]

Group A was diagnosed with a sore throat at a clinic without attending school for symptoms of a cold on the 27th, but after going to school on the 29th, symptoms of abdominal pain and diarrhea appeared.

In addition, group A has not been on a trip to other countries recently, and the path of infection has been serious.

[Anbyeongseon / Busan Health Policy Division. And the investigation left open all possibilities because there may be those who have another trip experience during the contact of the student because of attending a school again danyeotgi PC room -

while naohmyeonseo woman student diagnosed There are growing concerns about re-proliferation in a quiet area.

(Video coverage: Won-ju Lee KNN)