On the first weekend after the enforcement of measures to strengthen quarantine in the Seoul metropolitan area, the government urged the people to strictly observe the Corona 19 prevention measures.

At the meeting of the Central Disaster Safety Countermeasures held at the Seoul Metropolitan Government, "Corona 19 is attacking the weak link of our society," Park Neung-hu, the first director of the Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters (Ministry of Health and Welfare), said to comply with the quarantine regulations.

Deputy Director Park also asked him to abide by the rules of wearing a mask and putting a distance when he visited a religious facility on the weekend, and to avoid consuming it.

The government has temporarily suspended the operation of public multi-facilities in the metropolitan area including museums to prevent flooding in the Seoul metropolitan area, and recommended to refrain from operating it in academy, PC room, and singing practice until the 14th of next month.

It was reported that the meeting also discussed the public sector's blood supply and demand and foreign immigration status.

(Photo = Yonhap News)