Attorney General Chu Mi-ae reaffirmed the need to investigate the allegations surrounding the recent controversy over the violation of the political fund law of former Prime Minister Han Myung-sook (76).

In an interview on the morning of today (29th), CBS radio 'Kim Hyun-Jung's News Show' said, "You should investigate whether there has been any problem with the prosecution's investigation as much as the media raised the issue that it was a social issue."

"According to the 'Memorandum', prosecutors called witnesses more than 70 times, and the investigation was only five," he said. "There are suspicions that many of the processes were in line with the prosecution's plan." I did.

“The prosecution also held a 'past history investigation committee' to look back at the case where there was a problem,” he said. “From the position of conducting the prosecution organization, the former prime minister's case should also conduct a fact investigation without exception.” I explained.

On the 20th, Secretary of State Chu said at a general meeting of the Legislative Law and Judicial Committee, he sympathized with the need for a detailed investigation into a former prime minister's case.

A former Prime Minister's case raised suspicion that there was coercion in the prosecution investigation at the time, as the memorandum of former Han Shin-gun, former president Han Shin-keun, who had been adopted as evidence in a trial where convictions were confirmed, was recently released through some media.

Prosecutors say there is nothing wrong with the memorandum because it was strictly judged by the judiciary at the time, but politics continues to demand re-examination.

(Photo = Yonhap News)