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After being restrained while trying to touch someone's pet dog without permission, a 30-year-old who was swearing and assaulting the owner was sentenced to a fine in the first instance.

According to the court today (29th), Judge Seulgi Kim, the 7th detective of the Seoul Eastern District Court, sentenced a fine of 1 million won to a 39-year-old office worker A charged with insult and assault.

Last October, Mr. A touched Mr. B's pet dog in front of a restaurant in Songpa-gu, Seoul, and said it was cute. However, the argument started when Mr. B touched his dog without permission, revealing displeasure, and Mr. B filmed the process on his cell phone.

As a result, Mr. A said to Mr. B in front of passersby, "This bird X like XX, bird like Otaku X, XXX" and said that he pushed Mr. B's chest with both hands once. The judges determined that Mr. A's actions were both insulting and assaulting. 

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