'Influencers' who are active on Instagram will be able to receive 'sponsors' in real time from followers.

On the 27th, according to local time, the US IT media TechCrunch reported that Instagram will launch a variety of features aimed at competing social networking services such as Facebook and YouTube to make money with video content.

The first feature is a 'heart badge' that can be used during live broadcasting. This is to enable viewers to purchase 'heart badges' and present them to users who are broadcasting live. It is the same principle as the 'star balloon' of African TV, a personal broadcasting platform familiar in Korea.

The price of one heart is $ 0.99, and it is about 1,200 won in our money. You can buy two for $ 1.99 (about 2,500 won) and three for $ 4.99 (about 6,200 won). The number of 'heart badges' purchased by viewers is displayed next to the viewer's ID so that live broadcasters can easily recognize them.

The 'Heart Badge' feature will be released to some users in the US next month, and will be available in other countries such as the UK, Germany, France and Brazil in a few months.
Another feature is to display advertisements of up to 15 seconds in length on videos posted on Instagram video exclusive service 'IGTV'. The advertising function already being implemented on Facebook and YouTube has attracted the attention of video producers as it is guaranteed to generate profits. Instagram's policy is to give 55% of advertising revenue to video producers.

Instagram's share of advertising revenue will be expanded to about 200 video producers starting next week.

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(Photo = Instagram)