In addition, Democratic Party President Yoon Mi-hyang held a press conference at the 2nd National Assembly today (29th) at 2 pm to reveal his position on suspicion of corruption, etc. 

It is only on the 11th since President Yoon announced his official position in a radio interview on the 18th, saying "I do not consider resignation." 

Spokesperson Gap Seok Song met with reporters after the top committee on the day and said, "If President Yun had a problem with his behavior, he would have consulted with the party."

"Your announcement will be about 20 minutes and we will answer questions after that," he said. "At the moment, I know that I will attend the interview alone."

It is predicted that there will be no intention to resign from the office, as Yoon Dang-in announced a press conference at the time of the day ahead of his term.