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Theft of credit cards and bank credentials is one of the threats faced by players and, in the case of the youngest, their parents. It doesn't matter if the attack is massive (that is, against the game) or directed (that is, against the person); There are a number of precautions that can minimize risks.

Of course, there are a number of measures common to any account that can be applied, such as choosing strong passwords, not reusing them, and often changing them if possible. Also, they should not be shared or written down unless done in a key manager that encrypts the information.

In the case of payments, according to the Security and Video Games Online & eSports Report published by S2 Grupo, there is a curiosity: people who are not necessarily the holders of the bank account are attacked. Many parents use their cards for children's online purchases and this may make them unaware that their data has been compromised until it is too late.

Thus, in the event of any news or suspicion that the card information may have been obtained by a third party, it should be blocked as soon as possible. However, it is much safer directly to never associate a card; electronic wallets provide an additional layer of security.

The company also points out that the service should be maintained without associating a bank account with it : when necessary, money will be introduced again, but without a 'trace' of the origin of the money. It is best to use a service like PayPal to put more credit in the account.

The gift cards physical for services like PSN, Google Play, Spotify and the like are another safe option, although somewhat less practical, requiring go to a store to buy them (this never buy should be done over the Internet, much less at a discounted price) .

Those who choose PayPal and want to go even further in their search for secure payment should create a specific account for these services that has no relation to the main one. In this sense, from S2 Grupo they go a step further and recommend creating a specific email for the game profile, if required, and that no information is provided that would allow the player to be identified.

Finally, when filling in the electronic purses of each of these stores, it is convenient to do so only with the amount that will be spent at that time. In this way, every last penny of purchases within video games is protected.

Mobile games

All these tips are applicable to video games on consoles, computers or services like Steam, but they have a problem when we talk about mobile platforms: many times the phone or tablet used to play belongs to the parent. In this case, the danger is not so much the account as that unwanted purchases (or, better said, unwanted by the adult) are made.

When this is the case, the confirmation before each purchase should always be activated (in some cases after a purchase the service does not ask for a password again after a few minutes, so check this configuration) and, if the operating system allows it, activate different profiles without administrator permissions.

Conversely, if the device belongs to the person using it, it is possible to resort to electronic wallets and rule out the use of credit cards. Again, the purchase of gift cards is the best guarantee of security.

In accordance with the criteria of The Trust Project

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