Today (24th), at the dawn of the morning, an electric car left the track at Balsan Station on Seoul Subway Line 5. No one was injured due to the end of the operation, but the subway operation of some sections was still suspended due to the accident.

Reporter Deokhyun Kim on the sidewalk.

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recovery man with heavy equipment is put into the electric train stopped at the track, and a broken safety door is seen behind the electric vehicle.

The billboard will inform you that the train will be suspended.

[The train service is temporarily suspended… .]

Today at around 1:40 am, the train derailed from Balsan Station on Seoul Subway Line 5.

Part of the facility, including the safety gate of the platform, was damaged as two of the eight cars went off the track.

The accident train was moving from Godeok Vehicle Station to Fire Station after the last operation.

No passengers were on board, and the engineer was not hurt.

Eight trains from eight stations were stopped today from the first car at 5:10 am to Hwagok Station to Banghwa Station.

Subway users who came out without knowing the accident were in trouble.

[Kim Jin-seong / Gangseo-gu, Seoul: Rain is coming, but it's embarrassing. He said he had strayed. I think I need to go by bus or taxi.]

Seoul Transportation Corporation put six emergency transportation buses in the section where the trains were stopped.

You can ride at 8 stations that are not in service, such as Banghwa, Gaehwasan, and Gimpo Airport.

With more than 160 on-site response teams working on the restoration, Seoul Transportation Corporation is investigating the cause of the accident with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.