The global Huawei Summit of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) analysts concluded its 17th session, which was recently held online, with more than 2,000 analysts, opinion leaders and media representatives from all over the world joining Huawei to discuss the global acceleration towards Smart world.

The summit covered many topics, the most prominent of which was the announcement of "Huawei" on the development of its computing strategy in the next year, with the aim of strengthening the ecosystem based on computing and services "Huawei" cloud. Huawei plans to invest $ 200 million in the computing ecosystem during 2020 and will help support two million developers worldwide. Huawei aims to give partners more ways to develop digital applications and take full advantage of the value of data, through developing product innovation and improving business models.

"2020 marks the first year for commercial use of smart IP networks," said Kevin Hu, head of the Huawei's data communications product line. The entire sector has witnessed a historic transformation of IP networks that have evolved from the World Wide Web to the comprehensive network supported by video clips, and is now on its way to a transition to smart IP networks targeted in the era of the fifth generation and cloud computing.

Huawei will support 2 million developers worldwide.