We have prepared a series of reports on the human rights of transgender people, among them sexual minorities who are living as marginalized members of our society. You'll remember, Sergeant Byun Hee-soo, who was forced to flee from the military a while ago, and a student who was frustrated to enter the university earlier this year. Today (22th), let's first listen to the stories of transgender people living with us, and then we will look at the transgender population data analyzed by SBS.

Reporter Bae Jeong-hoon, reporter Jae-young Choi, and reporter Bae Yeon-woon will deliver this one by one.


These three people broadcast internet at home, work at the office, and shop at the market.

It seems so different, but there is one thing in common.

[Jung Mirae / 1st generation transgender: (I bought it as a trans woman) Since it was 83, it was almost 40 years. Just because I did makeup, I did all my misdemeanor and went to the police station to live in custody on the 3rd, and it was very difficult


[Jung Mirae / 1st generation transgender: You order at home shopping, right? When you pay by credit card, you are asked, 'Are you a person? Are you a spouse? ' It always is. I am myself!]

Muse started broadcasting because of the concerns of transgender people.

[Muse / Transgender Youtuber: It's the most difficult time in adolescence. (Transgender) Youth started a YouTube together, hoping for a little more information and a society like that.] While

still living, we meet various prejudices of our society.

[Muse / Transgender YouTuber: (for employment) I need a resume, so my resume has a different gender (looks different), so I fall a lot when I do an interview there.]

[Monika / Girlfriend: I'm upset. (Lover) I know I'm good at work, but I know I have more passion than anyone else ... .]

Mr. Lim ran as a proportional representative for the Justice Party in the last general election.

He was trying to get into the institutional system and make the voice of transgender.

[Impurun / Transgender Politician: I think that if I'm a minority, I should be a society equipped with a social safety net that allows me to live ordinary lives without discrimination. I want to create a society like that.]

Transgenders are already living together.

I just want to be free from discrimination and prejudice in my ordinary life.

(Video editing: Seungjin Lee, CG: Hong Sung-yong, Choi Jae-young, Lee Ye-jung, VJ: Young-sam Jeong) 

▶ Estimated 6,000 transgender people nationwide… 65% live in the metropolitan area