Mojang builds his empire with lots of new projects - Geeko

Swedish studio Mojang announced the good news this week: its Minecraft game has just passed the 200 million mark sold. It is - by far - the biggest success in the history of video games. Eleven years after its launch, the game continues to sell very well. Nearly 100 million copies of the game have been sold in the past four years. The game's fanbase also remains very solid with more than 126 million active players.

A major release in May

Mojang builds his empire with lots of new projects - Geeko

Minecraft Dungeons is very openly inspired by Diablo-likes.

The Swedish studio will deliver in May 2020 a second game in the world of Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons . The approach is radically different since this time, Mojang opted for a much more classic style of play. Minecraft Dungeons indeed draws its inspiration from Diablo-likes. The game of Mojang remains however thought for multiplayer since the adventure will be entirely playable in cooperation.

Although it is published by Microsoft, the game will be released on all platforms, including PC, PS4 and Switch. On Xbox and PC, it will be integrated into the GamePass offer, which allows unlimited access to a large catalog of games.

Various and varied projects

Mojang builds his empire with lots of new projects - Geeko

This week, the Swedish studio also unveiled its new logo.

Mojang is also working on two other game projects. However, no indication has yet filtered on their nature. However, it is assumed that at least one of them will be in the Minecraft universe .

The company has grown enormously and is no longer composed of a single studio. While it employs several dozen people in Stockholm, it now also has auxiliary studios in other parts of the world and can rely on Microsoft's enormous resources to grow. This is the reason why the studio recently changed its name and visual identity, becoming Mojang Studios, therefore in the plural.

"So much has happened since the launch of Minecraft, " the company said in a statement. We start the 2020s as a multi-title and multi-studio company. "

Mojang Studios will not limit its activities to the video game sector alone. The Swedish company has already confirmed working on a feature film and a new concept of "live show". Ambitious projects which should allow him to set foot in other sectors.


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"Minecraft" has sold more than 200 million copies worldwide

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