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"Now that employment is at its lowest point, I figured that people might need to hone their skills to find a job," said Waïna Landauro, the creator of MockMate.

400 questions available

The platform he created is a generator of questions. With a database of 400 questions, it offers you a few randomly to simulate a real job interview. To answer, two solutions are proposed: write your answer in the dedicated fields or speak directly to MockMate which will analyze your answers thanks to voice recognition.

An algorithm analyzes the responses "and gives you a score based on your performance," says MockMate. "The algorithm takes several things into consideration to give feedback," says Waïna Landauro. Including the length of responses, repetitions or the number of active verbs that the user has used. Some tips and examples of best answers are given at the end of the test.

In practice

Regarding voice recognition, if the interface is simple, the program struggles to detect the oral response. "We are improving the algorithm so we have a few small adjustment problems at the moment," explains Waïna Landauro.

Mockmate: a job interview simulator on the Internet - Geeko

When the answers are given in writing, you actually get a score for each answer. Note that responses must be at least 10 characters. These responses can be changed to improve a score.

Mockmate: a job interview simulator on the Internet - Geeko

For the moment, the platform works with a single language. "As we are in the test phase, we prefer to focus on English," adds Waïna Landauro. Other languages ​​may be added later.


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