Google has removed three apps around QAnon's conspiracy theories from its Play Store, media watchdog Media Matters reports. Followers of the QAnon conspiracy theories believe, among other things, that a shadow government wants to undermine U.S. President Donald Trump.

The three apps contained messages related to QAnon conspiracy theories. A Google spokesperson tells Media Matters that the apps have been removed due to the distribution of misleading or harmful information.

The QAnon conspiracy theories have led to multiple incidents. One of the best known is pizza gate. A man who believed children were being held in the basement of a pizza restaurant in Washington fired shots in December 2016 to investigate the conspiracy theory with his own hands. The restaurant has no cellar.

QAnon's posts were distributed through the forum 4chan to other social media, including Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. In early May, Facebook announced that it had removed some pages and accounts associated with QAnon.