Pac-Man celebrates its fortieth anniversary on Friday. Game developer and publisher Bandai Namco is celebrating that with the announcement that the classic game will be released on streaming platform Twitch. It is still unclear when exactly the game will be available.

In Pac-Man Live Studio , players can play the classic 1980s game, in which the player as Pac-Man must eat points in a maze while being chased by four colorful ghosts.

As at the time, the high scores are not limited to the people who had access to the arcade cabinet in your area. Because the game is playable online, everyone competes for the number 1 position.

In addition, Pac-Man Live Studio is equipped with a team mode: players must work together to complete the levels. As long as one player lives, anyone in the next level can join again to try to progress even further. Players can also build their own mazes, which can be played by other Twitch users.

Pac-Man was first tested as Puck-Man on May 22, 1980. Two months later, the computer game was released in Japan, followed by the rest of the world. 100,000 arcade games were sold in a year. In the six years since, that has grown to nearly 300,000.