Starting next week, first graders and second graders will go to school. When the school started, the government said that emergency care would be stopped. Parents who were hard to find someone to look after the children reacted. So the government said to keep it as it is now, but many parents are still worried.

I am a journalist.


I received a notice from the school that emergency care will be stopped when my two-year-old son in elementary school, a two-time employee in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, starts attending school next week.

I go to school once or twice a week, so there are more days when I don't go to school, but when emergency care disappears, I have to stop working.

[Mr. Park / Working Parent: I don't want you to send me if you can afford that. But it's not, so there are definitely a lot of parents that Corona spends in serious situations. (When emergency care is gone) One person has to quit. One member of the family.] There

are 130,000 elementary school children across the country. The Ministry of Education said that complaints against the emergency cessation will remain as it is.

[Park Baek-beom / Deputy Minister of Education (Yesterday): If it is said to be a remote class, emergency care will continue to operate. So I said that there is no change in the principle ... .]

But parents are still anxious.

[Mr. Lee, a working parent: I heard that the Ministry of Education maintains emergency care, but the local office of education, school, and so on have not received such a letter. Schools can't continue to do this (he said that).

Budget is also a problem.

The 17 metropolitan and provincial offices of education are asking for assistance, saying that the budget is insufficient from next month.

[Gyeonggi-do Office of Education officials: We told you that it is difficult without budget support, to the Ministry of Education. Distance learning helper costs about 7 billion won per month alone.]

Since it is difficult to know when it is possible to go to school every day, the controversy surrounding emergency care will continue after school.

(Video coverage: Hyun-Cheol Yang, Video editing: Jong-Mi Kim, VJ: Jun-Young Lee)