Former Mayor of Busan, Augusto, who resigned from the mayor's office after being charged with sexually harassing his subordinates, was the first police investigator since his resignation and returned home last night (22nd). Mayor Oh said he is sorry for the citizens and victims of Busan.

Reporter Kang Cheong-wan reports.


Last night, the mayor of Busan, Augusto, went through a police investigation after 14 hours of police investigation.

Mayor Oh expressed his apology to Busan citizens and victims in front of the reporters.

[Augerdon / Former Busan Mayor: I am very sorry for the great disappointment of the citizens of Busan. I'm especially sorry for the victim.]

Oh, the former mayor, said he was faithful to the police investigation, and avoided an immediate answer to the question of suspicion that he had coordinated the timing of his resignation.

He denied suspicion of sexually harassing another subordinate last year.

Mayor Oh is accused of molesting his subordinates during his office hours early last month.

On the 23rd of last month, he admitted to sexual harassment and resigned from the mayor's office, and 29 days after his resignation, he attended the police as a suspect.

During the police attendance process yesterday morning, the elevator for the underground parking lot was used without revealing its appearance.

Mayor Oh was said to have generally accepted the basic facts of the alleged sexual assault in police investigations.

Police will decide whether to deal with the new recruits after further summoning the mayor.