Yesterday (21st), a 2 year old child was killed by a car that was illegally turned in a child protection zone in Jeonju. This is the first death accident since the enforcement of the Civil Code Act, which strengthened the punishment of drivers in traffic accidents in child protection areas.

I'm JTV Na Geum-dong reporter.

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SUV car exits the alley and enters the main road.

After a while, people suddenly flock, and 119 ambulance and police vehicles arrive one after another.

At about 12:10 yesterday, a SUV car hit a 2 year old boy in a child protection area in Jeonju.

The 2-year-old boy was hit by a SUV that was doing a U-turn here and was taken to the hospital, but eventually died.

[Witness: My mother was just crying while holding her child. I just embraced evil and cried. Everyone is grumble ... .] The

police believe that a 53-year-old driver, who was illegally making a U-turn, accidentally failed to find a child standing at the edge of the road.

Residents say that there were many illegal U-turns or vehicles that did not follow the speed limit.

[Cho Young-mi / Banwol-dong, Jeonju-si: I think almost all illegal U-turns are over 70%. Just the mothers are talking. I'm going to buy an accident ... .]

Jeonju City later installed a blocking rod to prevent illegal u-turns.

The facilities for child protection areas were also insufficient.

There are few sections painted in red and there is no yellow sign indicating that it is a child protected area.

This is the first death accident since the implementation of the so-called 'People's Diet Act', which strengthens driver punishment in traffic accidents in child protection zones.

The court dismissed the warrant for driver A, who was filed for a redemption warrant, that he admitted to negligence and that there was room for contention in the crime.

(Video coverage: Dongnyeong Lee JTV)