All private kindergartens in Incheon have decided to return the full cost of the original expenses from March to April when normal classes were not conducted due to the aftermath of Corona 19.

The Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education announced on the 22nd that 216 private kindergartens in Incheon decided to receive a temporary grant from the Ministry of Education.

The Temporary Assistance Fund is designed to support teachers 'labor expenses and parents' refunds.

If kindergarten has received 200,000 won for parents, it is the intention of the education authorities to refund half of the amount.

Accordingly, in order for each kindergarten to receive the grant, a full refund or carryover of the fees paid by the parents during the March-April holiday period must be paid, and all personnel expenses must be paid.

In Incheon, some private kindergartens previously reduced the labor cost of teachers due to the management difficulties caused by Corona 19, and drew charges.

An official from the Incheon Metropolitan Office of Education explained, "All applications for the grants for March have been completed and the application for the grants will be received by the beginning of June."