for the accounting issue, which is one of the controversy of <Anchor> , our fact is that the team analyzed the settlement documents of Jung Yeon-Yeon and Jeong Dae-Yang last year with experts.

In both places, there was a lot of expenditure on other items that could not be used, but there was no structural problem, reporter Lee Kyung-won pointed out.


I consulted two accounting professors and two accountants who asked for anonymity to review the expenditure statement reported last year by Jung Yeon and Chung Daehyup to the National Tax Service.

It was pointed out that the amount of 'other items' in which both were used was too large.

Jeong Yeon-yeon spent a total of 860 million won, but more than half of the 470 million won was classified as 'other'.

One third of Jeong Daehyup was a guitar, but experts say that donations can be suspected.

In addition to the money spent on the organization's 'unique purpose', such as helping a grandmother, there are only three types of expenses that go into the operation of the group, such as labor costs, rent, and others.

How about America?

This is the settlement form for the donation organization submitted to the IRS. It is advertising, copyright, travel expenses, and depreciation.

The United States has more than 20 of our guitars.

Britain is similar.

What you see here is a British civic settlement report, which is over 10 pages long.

This policy is due to the consensus that knowing how donations were spent can increase donations.

The government announced a legislative amendment to the Enforcement Decree of the Donation Act that failed to `` righteous to know the donor '' last year.

It says that if the donor wants, it should be stated where he or she has been used specifically.

The government said it will do so in July, but the fact is that when the team asked at the end of the year, it will do so from the beginning of this year.

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