Among these, especially when infected people continue to appear through karaoke, Seoul Metropolitan City and Seoul Metropolitan City have virtually stopped all coin karaoke business.

At the same time, Danlan pubs in downtown Seoul were speeding up to ensure that they were following the quarantine rules, and reporter Im Tae-woo covered the scene.

<Reporter> The

Seoul City Enforcement Team comes to a Danan pub.

The guests and the receptionist sat without a mask and used no owners.

[Clause officials: Isn't the teacher wearing a mask?]

[Clan pub owner: Oh, should I use it? Once you go out, I'll use it when I go out.]

There is no entry list with guest names and contact details.

[Plant pub owner: What do you need for the register? I know everything. Come on in the epidemiological investigation, and I'll tell you all right away.] In

other taverns, there was a rattle over the entry list and the thermometer.

[Clause officials: If you have a fever, you shouldn't let in. (But this doesn't have a thermometer….) A book that checks fever. No ledger itself? (I don't have a ledger. I need a ledger to meet and meet.)]

Of the 380 places I inspected overnight, six establishments that seriously violated the eight rules of quarantine were closed.

[Public officials: As of this time, we will issue a ban on collective gathering for this business. (No!)] Business

owners discuss realistic difficulties and equity issues.

[The Danan pub owner: It's a table or two to have a day, the Danan pub. It's very small and a living. If you go to a general establishment, you will be stuck and eat at the restaurant and talk!] From

today (22th), Seoul City ordered a total of 560 coin song ranges indefinitely.

This is the second time after Incheon City, and recently, there were a lot of confirmers, and over 40% of the inspections indicated that measures were taken not to comply with the quarantine rules.

(Video coverage: Park Hyun-cheol, Video editing: Junhee Kim)