On the 20th day of the first day of attending school, the attendance rate of 3rd graders in high schools across the country was 95.2%.

In connection with Corona 19, the suspension of school attendance occurred in Incheon, Anseong and Daegu, but the Ministry of Education reaffirmed its position to promote school as planned for elementary, middle and high schools next week.

Deputy Minister of Education Park Baek-beom said at the reporter briefing held at the Sejong Government Complex on the 21st, the second day of attendance at school, "At 4 pm on the 20th, 2,277 out of 2,363 schools nationwide were taught." Attendance rate of 95.2%. "

Of the 44,141 students, 42,850 (95.2%) went to school, and 2,191 students were not attended.

Corona19: 115 students who were quarantined by health authorities for suspected symptoms, 299 cases who were judged to stop attending school before school, and 737 students who did not pass the school fever test after school.・ There were 1,981 students who did not attend school because of experience learning.

During the day of the 20th, 1,257 high school students were diagnosed with corona19, and only 1 student in the Daegu Agricultural Meister High School was positive.

There were 616 students who were negatively judged.

The results of 115 diagnostic tests using the same fitness center as Incheon High School 3 students who were confirmed corona19 just before the first day of school attendance were negative.

There were 640 students in the process of being tested.

There were 127 students using 119 emergency rescue vehicles due to suspected corona19 symptoms, and 107 of them were waiting for results after undergoing a diagnostic test.

Remote check-ups will be provided for up to 22 days for 66 Incheon 5 districts (Michuhol-gu, Jung-gu, Dong-gu, Namdong-gu, and Yeonsu-gu), where school attendance was suspended the day before due to the confirmation of two high school students.

The 9 schools in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province, where attendance was canceled the day before due to a definite unknown traveler, attended school on the same day.

On the day, one student in a dormitory at Agricultural Meister High School in Daegu received a corona19 positive test and replaced the current students with an online class.

Corona19 diagnostic tests are in progress for 111 students and 96 faculty members who attended the school.

From the first day, after the suspension of attendance in the aftermath of the Corona 19, concerns were raised as to whether or not high school classes below 2 would start properly on the 27th.

Three elementary schools in Yangcheon, Seoul are known to be evaluating postponement by corona19 confirmers from a nearby church.

However, Deputy Minister Park reaffirmed his stance, "The school will go on schedule on the 27th."

After the delay in attendance at school, the question of equity in college mathematics test (SAT) between students and high school graduates was raised, and some high schools were also suspended due to the suspension of school attendance. There is no change in the admission schedule and principles. ”

Deputy Prime Minister Eun-Hye Park and Minister of Education said that they would discuss with the Korean National University Education Council (Daekyo Association) so as not to be disadvantaged in recent high school entrance exams. I say a lot of things, "he said." It means that the university judges to consider many aspects. "

Regarding the online performance of the National Federation of Education (Gyeongpyeong) hosted by the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education only at Incheon High School, where school was suspended on this day, it does not enter the grades given by the “(Test Results)”. I don't see it. "

For special prevention measures related to dormitories that may be vulnerable to corona19 infection, the school board decided to consult with the local government about how to conduct the corona19 diagnostic test and where to pay the expenses. I did. "

(Photo = Yonhap News)