The data robbery of the British airline easyJet stole the email addresses and travel plans of 200,000 Dutch customers, a spokesperson told on Wednesday. Credit card information was also stolen from 58 Dutch customers.

EasyJet announced on Tuesday that the email addresses and travel plans of a total of nine million customers have been stolen. In addition, the perpetrators managed to obtain the credit card details of a total of 2,208 customers.

According to easyJet, there is a "very sophisticated cyber attack". It is not known when and by whom the data robber was executed. The airline has made the data inaccessible.

According to the airline, there is no evidence that "any personal information of any kind has been misused". Affected customers are informed of the leak and alerted to phishing.

According to the spokesperson, the affected Dutch customers will be approached by 26 May at the latest. EasyJet has already contacted Dutch customers with credit card details stolen. "They have been offered support," said the spokesperson.

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Supplement: this article has been supplemented with information about the number of Dutch customers with credit card data stolen.