Yesterday (20th), which was the first day of high school students' school, among the 2,400 high schools nationwide, seventy-five and five schools in Gyeonggi and Incheon did not complete their first day classes. In particular, in Incheon, where two high school students were additionally confirmed, a remote class is held until tomorrow, and today the national academic achievement evaluation is held online.

Reporter Min Kyung-ho reports.


A high school in Michuhol-gu, Incheon, before high school lunch time, three high school students leave the school in one line.

[Incheon Michuholgu ○○ High School, yesterday morning: I will keep my arms apart, I'll go away!]

Incheon Michuholgu and Junggu, Dong-gu, Namdong-gu, and Yeonsu-gu, 63 high schools were attended by 63 high school students.

[3rd grade high school students (last) who is near deoni that has ten minutes to hear a sudden three lessons out program guide from the school took (the corona 19), because go home (I ahswiwot)

yesterday morning, Incheon School Instructor In connection with the confirmation of two third-year students in Incheon Inhang High School, Inhang High School and two schools in the vicinity were canceled, and 63 nearby high school and 63 high schools stopped class and sent students home.

Incheon Metropolitan City Office of Education decided not to attend students at 66 of these high schools until tomorrow, and decided to go to school next week tomorrow.

Today, you can take the National Alliance Assessment online if you wish.

The Gyeonggi-do Office of Education also delayed one day from attending nine high schools in Anseong City to today, as the route of men in their 20s who were confirmed by the government was not fully understood.