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afternoon of the 19th, a fire broke out with an explosion at the LG Chemical manufacturing facility in Seosan. One person on the scene was killed and two were severely burned.

Reporter Cho Sang-wan, TJB.

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work area on the first floor where the accident occurred is empty, and the panel is barely attached to the wall.

The explosion at the ACS Catalyst Center at the Daesan Industrial Complex in Seosan, South Chungcheong Province was around 2:20 pm today.More than 20 fire trucks and about 100 people were mobilized and evolved within an hour, but a 40-year-old researcher, Amo, died, and two, including a 47-year-old, Hong Mo, were seriously injured and transferred to a Seoul burn hospital.

[Yoo Dong-geun / Seosan Fire scene led Team: Fire Flame did value generation, has postponed a foggy, it is estimated to have occurred due to explosive fire was the situation occurred casualties in]

the current accident catalytic center stop running and causes I am in an investigation.

The catalyst associated with the accident is said to spontaneously ignite when exposed to the atmosphere and fortunately harmless to the human body.

The ACS Catalyst Center, which had an accident today, was recently completed, and the catalyst production process was also in production.

The Daesan Industrial Complex was only two months after the massive explosion of Lotte Chemical in March, and at the Daesan Plant of LG Chemical, the tank lorry leaked hazardous chemicals to the road in May of last year, and repeated recurrence prevention in words.

(Video coverage: Song Chang-gun TJB)