Among the soldiers who came to Gwangju at that time, there were people who spent 40 years in pain. It was Gwangju because I tried to put it in without knowing where it was going, and I faced the tragedy regardless of my will. It could be another form of victim.

Reporter Hak-hui Kim met with one of them.


[I am Hyunsoo Hyun, a driver of the 91st Battalion of the 20th Division of the Army who came to Gwangju 40 years ago.]In May 1980, a soldier named Hyun-Soo Jeong, an army soldier, boarded a military plane at Seongnam Airport without knowing where to go.

[Jung Hyun-soo / At the time of May 1980, 'People in Gwangju' Army soldiers: Looking down, it was a Songjeong-ri airfield in Gwangju. Oh, what is this? When I get out of the car, I can see the body, but I covered it with a bale in front of the commerce officer.]

I was assigned a checkup and search mission near the Jeonnam Provincial Office.

[Hyun-Soo Jung / At May 1980, 'Gwangju-input' Army soldiers: The body was so miserable. The woman has died, think about her.]Although he did not shoot a gun in Gwangju in May, he lived 40 years in painful memories with guilt and fear.

[Hyun-Soo Jung / Private in 'Gwangju' at the time of May 1980 Army: The woman. When that thought passes through my head, I just cry. Sometimes I cry indefinitely at some point.] I was

also treated for psychiatry, but in May, I have to spend a sleepless night.

[Model number / May 18 Memorial Foundation confession and testimony Center Team Leader: The soldiers who were involved at the time also said haejwoya trauma treatment from the government (I think)

May 18 facts josawi recorded the pain and the testimonies of ordinary soldiers It is a policy to conduct a fact investigation.

[Jeonghyeonsu / May 1980 Gwangju committed 'Army Pfc time: to leave gotten, I just noticed that I recorded that he died before, want and I for one, do not need another giant.]

(Video interview: seolminhwan, video editing: Seung-Yeol Lee, CG: Hyun-Joong Seo)