As the person who created and operated the so-called 'telegram n room', 'God God', was caught by the police, all 'three major criminals' were arrested.

Today (11th), the Cyber ​​Safety Division of the Gyeongbuk Police Agency announced that a 24-year-old A, a n-room operator, has filed a warrant for arrest for alleged violations of the Child and Youth Protection Act. Earlier, the police identified Mr. A as a god god and summoned it on the 9th, and the investigation revealed that he confessed to being a god god.

Since the launch of the Digital Sex Crimes Investigation Headquarters in the National Police Agency last March, 430 officials have been arrested and 70 of them have been arrested. Among the accomplices of 'n' room 'and group chat rooms, those who are not caught by the police are the' mantis' that Dr. Cho Joo-bin, who was appointed as the accomplice, is not.
However, many people are saying, "The arrest of the criminals is only the beginning of the investigation of the 'n' room 'and there are more things left." This is because all of the leading criminals, such as Dr. Jo Joo-bin and former Watchman, have been captured, but not all of them. 

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said, "There is insufficient evidence to identify the fact of a crime other than Cho Joo-bin's selection of 'Warts' as an accomplice with Lee Won-ho along with Lee Won-ho in the prosecution investigation.' He said he would confirm the fact of the crime.

In addition, in addition to the main criminals and public accomplices, investigations are underway for paid members who have paid money in 'n room', 'doctor's room', and those who have sexual exploitation spread through telegram.

This is a case that has attracted attention as a national petition for the purpose of punishing both 'n-room' operators and paid members.

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