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WhatsApp is one of the most important apps in the world , since it allows you to speak for free with your contacts, to the point of having left behind traditional phone calls or SMS that we used constantly a few years ago.

It seems that their next victim may be mobile payment services such as Bizum, since they are developing the necessary technology to make payments through the app. The first country where they will test this technology will be India, which according to reports in Android Police, could have the WhatsApp payment system as early as next month, in June.

WhatsApp has partnered with the main banks in India to support its system and that the vast majority of users could make payments through without having to download another application and using the contacts they already have in their calendar.

It seems that not all users or WhatsApp or accounts in selected banks will be able to access the new payment system at first, as this could cause servers to collapse in both directions; but how its operation has been considered is a clear precedent for what is to come to the rest of the world, including Spain.

In our country, Bizum operates in a very similar way to what WhatsApp has proposed in India: it has an alliance with a large number of banks, users can make payments to anyone as long as their bank is among the list of admitted And there are no restrictions because the payer and the beneficiary have accounts in different franchises.

If you use this universal payment interface, or UPI, as Bizum does, WhatsApp could not only count on the security of traditional banking systems, but it would also have millions of potential users from the first moment of its launch, which certainly would not It would help the payment services already existing in our country to maintain their privileged position.

Although WhatsApp has been testing its payment system through the application since 2018 , its launch is still uncertain in Spain and only India has a date more or less fixed in the calendar for its arrival.

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