<Anchor> When

something worrisome happened in a club with many young people, the government issued an urgent order to refrain from operating in a closed national entertainment facility.

On the first day, reporter Yoo Su-Hwan went to the actual site to see if the quarantine rules were properly followed.

<Reporter> Last

night (8th), this is an alley in Itaewon, Seoul where clubs gather.

It's usually a Friday night crowded with people, but it looks slack.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said the three Itaewon clubs, which were revealed by corona 19 confirmers, were closed.

[A pub official near a closed club: (people this week) has been reduced a lot. (Last week) It was full at this time.] The

government issued a restraining administrative order to entertainment facilities nationwide for one month starting at 8:00 yesterday evening.

Although it is recommended to refrain from operating and does not force the suspension, it is possible to impose fines and issue an order to prohibit the gathering from the agency if it is found that a violation of quarantine rules such as wearing an indoor mask has been detected.

Closed entertainment facilities such as nightlife pubs, emotional pubs, and colatech, including clubs, are eligible.

However, even today, people lined up in the club streets of Hongdae, Seoul, waiting to enter the club.

If you don't wear a mask at the entrance, you won't let me in, but

[Hongdae Club staff: If you don't have a mask, don't enter, sterilize your hands, check your ID card ... .]

I went inside a club and inside, even if I didn't wear a mask, the sanctions were not noticeable.

When people dance in harmony, the distance of 1 ~ 2m is not observed.

[Club users: I'm fine. I don't care about it, so there aren't many people wearing masks anyway.]

Itaewon Club's group infection occurred while the wearing of a mask was not observed while the order to refrain from operating was given. Questions are being raised.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government said it will strengthen on-site inspections against entertainment facilities subject to administrative restraint orders.