Former defendant of the country, who was brought to court for family corruption and prosecution, was the first defendant to appear in court.

"I will fight tirelessly," said former Minister Cho. He added, "After the inauguration of the Attorney General, it was difficult for the prosecution to investigate the low-profile, and nevertheless, I regret it."

The 21st Criminal Agreement of Seoul Central District Court (Deputy Judge Kim Mi-ri) today (8th) opens the first trial of former Minister Cho, charged with bribery and interference with the right to abuse abuses.

Former Secretary of State Cho was absent on the two-day trial preparation day, but today he is a full trial. Today, the trial will be held first, with a hearing on the suspicion of the prosecution. Accordingly, three defendants are present in court, including former secretary Cho Won-woo and former secretary-general of the Blue House.

In the case of the prosecution Muma case, in 2017, the special prosecutor's office at the Blue House's Civil Affairs Office, Jung Jae-soo, confirmed that he was accused of serious misconduct during the prosecution process of the Mayor of the Busan economy by Yoo Jae-soo.

Prosecutors ordered the suspension of inspections by former Minister of Deputy General Cho In-geol after receiving reports from former deputy chief Lee In-gwan that 'follow-up is inevitable due to the considerable level of suspicion that the deputy mayor of Yu is deficient.' The indictment was reported to the chief of the chief of the superintendent and the class members.

Below is the full text of the position of the former Minister of Justice in the courtroom. 

<Former Minister of Justice, Fatherland>

After being appointed as the Minister of Justice, there was an all-out investigation into the prosecutor's office that targeted me. It was finally prosecuted. It was a painful time. However, for all reasons, we regret it.

Starting today, I am in court. The prosecution will refute the distorted and exaggerated charges one by one according to facts and laws. It will take a long time. However, we will fight tirelessly.

I ask the media. Please do not use the prosecution's charges unilaterally. And even in the courts starting today, we hope that you will faithfully report the content and content of the lawyer's opposition. Thank you.

(Video: Yang Doo-won, Editor: Seungyeon Park)