Yesterday (6th) that former star mobility chairman Kim Bong-hyun, a key figure in the Lime crisis, had concealed 5 billion won in cash in his travel bag. Chairman Kim signed an unattended storage room that had hidden money for one year, but it was revealed that he was arrested about nine hours after hiding the money.

This is Han So-hee.

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storage facility in Geumcheon-gu, Seoul.

The police seized 5 billion dollars of escape funds that former President Kim had carried.

This storage is operated so that only registered members can access.

Even without an employee, just enter the card and find it.

Chairman Kim visited here on the 22nd of the previous month, the day before the arrest, and paid a total of 2.15 million won in cash at a time, plus a one-year deposit and usage fee.

When registering as a member, a third-party identification card was presented.

When I was arrested by the police, it was the very same ID that he suggested was not Kim Bong-hyun.

The day after the contract, Chairman Kim visited the taxi in a mask, hat, and sunglasses, covered the face, and placed 5.5 billion of cash in three bags.

It was about 9 hours before the arrest.

President Kim was reported to have reported in a police investigation that he had found a luggage store because he had a clean waist while carrying a heavy bag of money.

The police see Kim's escape funds as the money he has taken away from the Veterans' Association.

The prosecution, who handed over the seized money to former President Kim and the police, began a full-fledged investigation into the allegations of the lost money and suspicions of lobbying related to Lyme.

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