A recent comparison analysis between the three services that are currently used in the field of video conferencing and conversations, namely: Zoom, Microsoft Team and Google Mate, revealed a convergence of advantages between the three services, compared to the narrowing of differences between them, especially with regard to The free versions of those services, even though Google had shown slight progress with two features, the first is the length of one meeting that reaches an hour, and the second is the rise in the number of sections to which the screen is divided during the call, as it became available to display the faces of 16 users on Screen simultaneously.

The analysis was conducted at the TechRepublik.com technology testing laboratory, and its results were published the day before yesterday, which came as follows:


Zoom provides high-definition video and voice calling, along with chat functionality, which can be accessed all from desktop computers, and Android and iOS operating systems. This service is available in two versions (free and professional), where the free version allows hosting a meeting with the participation of 100 people for 40 minutes, while the professional version costs $ 15 per month, and provides all the capabilities of the free, with improved admin controls, that allow hosts to record and encrypt meetings (even One gigabyte), customize meeting IDs, use scheduling and analytics.

The Professional Edition also raises the maximum meeting time to 24 hours, with between 300 and 1,000 participants and a range of additions, such as personalized phone support and single sign-on tools, the admin control panel and personalized emails.

Both versions support linking with popular calendar applications, such as "Outlook", "Office 365" and "Gmail", to facilitate scheduling and joining meetings. The fifth version of the "Zoom 5.0" application has become more secure, and provides encrypted meetings and better tools for hosts to control who accesses the meeting and who does not have access to it, and the waiting room feature.

Microsoft Team

"Microsoft Team" application focuses mainly on business customers, based on its most popular attraction key, which is complete integration with the Office 365 package provided as a cloud service, which includes the basic productivity tools from Microsoft, which are "Word", "Excel" and "Power" Point », as part of this package comes to provide the ability to chat and video call, along with sharing and collaboration in Office documents in real time, and synchronizing files on the Drive service for cloud storage.

This feature is available to Office 365 subscribers for eight dollars per month, to provide meetings with 250 participants, and to broadcast live to 10,000 people, with additional features such as meeting scheduling and reporting capabilities, as well as more robust security features, including multi-factor authentication.

As for non-subscribers to "Office 365", they can use the free version of "Teamm", which can be downloaded as a stand-alone service, providing unlimited conversation messages and searching, in addition to video and voice calls, file and screen sharing, as well as the ability to collaborate in Office documents. .

Google is dead

According to the results of the analysis, the application "Google mate" is the closest to winning and distinguishing between the three services at least until September 30, because it provides professional features for free to users until that date, a feature that was provided by "Google" in the first of this month, so that ordinary users can use Enterprise-specific features, as it only requires a person to have an account with Google.

Google Met allows users to host video meetings with up to 100 participants at one time for an unlimited period, until September 30, after which the free meeting becomes 60 minutes, with several capabilities, including screen sharing, recording, scheduling, and captions in real time, with The advantage of increasing the number of people who appear on the screen at the same time to 16 people, in addition to the "smart" background feature, which filters out the noise surrounding the person, and focuses on his voice only, and "dead" is also integrated with the "G-Sweet" package, similar to What happens between Team and Office 365, allowing users to join meetings directly It is used by the Google Calendar application, in addition to benefiting from integration with Google applications, such as documents, drivers, spreadsheets and notes.

Competition margin

Analysts of TechRepub.com, a specialist in technology, reported that Zoom, Microsoft Team and GoogleMate services are equal in the ability of messaging and video calls, and communicating with friends and family for weekly digital meetings, indicating that the margin of competition is concentrated in some of the features that are related Mostly in business and professional services for organizations.