The identity documents of hundreds of healthcare and childcare workers were exposed after a data breach at the Tadaah mediation platform. This is shown on Wednesday by research by RTL News .

These are the identity documents of eight hundred people who have sent a copy of the front and back of their ID, passport or driving license to Tadaah. Tadaah is an organization that matches the self-employed in care and childcare with clients.

In addition to identity documents, VOGs (Certificate of Behavior), insurance and diplomas were available to everyone. In total, it concerns thousands of leaked sensitive documents. These documents were on an unsecured and publicly accessible server and could therefore be found by everyone, RTL Nieuws discovered .

RTL Nieuws has reported the data breach to Tadaah, the leak has since been closed. "It's a human error," said Eike Dehling, one of Tadaah's founders, against the TV show. "This just shouldn't happen."

Tadaah reported the leak to the Dutch Data Protection Authority. A Tadaah spokesperson was not immediately available for questions from