Corona 19 confirmed yesterday (4 days) increased by 3 people a day.

It was only 77 days after the occurrence of 2 people on February 18 that the number of new confirmed persons was below 4 people.

All three new confirmers were cases of foreign influx, and domestic infection did not occur for two consecutive days.

The Central Defense Response Headquarters announced that as of 0:00 am today, the number of corona19 confirmed patients increased from 3 yesterday to 3 am, a total of 1804 people.

The number of new confirmed cases was the lowest since February 18, the first confirmed patient of Sincheonji Daegu Church, 'Patient # 31'.

The cumulative confirmatory number is 6,427 women and 4,377 men.

The fatality rate is 2.99% for men and 1.91% for women.

By age, the 20s are the most with 2,964 people, and the 50s are the next with 1,957 people.

The order is 1,436 in 40s, 1,353 in 60s, and 1,165 in 30s.

The total number of deaths was 254, two more than 0am yesterday.

The average fatality rate is 2.35%.

The fatality rate for each age group is 2.66% in their 60s, 10.70% in their 70s, and 25.00% in their 80s or older.

The number of confirmed cases removed from the quarantine after it was cured increased by 66 to a total of 9,283.

There are 1,267 confirmed patients under treatment.

So far, 64,237 people have been diagnosed with corona19.

Of these, 62,575 were identified as 'voice'.

8,858 people are being examined.