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Corona 19, you may not be able to go outside well, and many of you may have felt that your family was getting closer as you spend more time at home with your family. On the other hand, I am a little unfamiliar, and the conflict has increased. In this case, there are continuous reports that look at the world after the corona.

Reporter Choi Jae-young.

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March, when Corona 19 emphasized 'social distance', the sales of board games that the whole family could gather and enjoy greatly increased.

[Jun-hee Jang / Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi: (When I play a game) I also have more conversations than my friends.] The

family filled the distrust of strangers and empty spaces.

It was an opportunity to reflect on the meaning of the family that was overlooked.

[Gimjihui / Gimpo game: (recent) haguna precious family anew again, this is where're not dead, just listen to this situation, I think]

[Choi Jae-cheon / Ewha Womans University Distinguished Professor huh? I have a life like this and why can't I live this? I think the change will happen. From now on, I think people will find it moving as a family unit.]

But there are also side effects.

Domestic violence or divorce has skyrocketed abroad, but we have increased domestic violence counseling.

[Choi Seon-hye / Korean Women's Telephone Director: I can't even go to meet friends and always want to do what she wants next to her (even such extreme life control….)]

The distance narrowed in a hurry without preparation revealed the limit.

[Families in their 40s: (When I see them at home, my family) has a schedule, so the day goes back. All three know. But I don't know. Ah, they all have plans ... .]

[Eun-Ah Kim / Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do: Because I don't have my own time, I was really annoyed and angry. The child said to me, "Why are you mad at something like this?" .]

[I'm in my 40s: I always thought I was doing well. Do your best ... It wasn't because I was stuck. This was just an illusion of me alone ... .] After

Corona, the time we spend together is expected to increase as we have learned the importance of the world and family.

Experts say that you need more room and skill to let go of an unfamiliar role rather than trying too well.

[Lee Myung-ho / Professor, Department of Psychology, Dankook University: There is a role between families and there is a need for differentiation. Creating and acknowledging individual space for a certain period of time… .]

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